Pu Luong Vietnam | Hidden Gem of Vietnam

Welcome to the rising star of ecotourism: Pu Luong Vietnam. Pu Luong Nature Reserve is located toward the north of Thanh Hoa Province and is a harmonious mix of nature discovery and community tourism. While visiting Pu Luong, you will be enamoured with its untamed landscape and exotic charm. The ethnic picture of the region is captivating: while living well below the poverty line of Vietnam, the Thai and Muong still exude an aura of content and friendliness. Their unconditional and frank hospitality will brighten your trip and forever imprint one of the most unforgettable memories in you. 

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Truly break off the path, Pu Luong is quite unknown among the other destinations in northern Vietnam, but that does not make it less worth visit. Pu Luong will capture your heart with its stunning rice terrace fields, natural beauty, breathtaking mountain passes, and villages of ethnic minorities who still retain their unique cultural heritage and way of life. It also offers many activities to help you thrill in the nature, trekking amongst lush forest and along the rice terrace fields, cycling round small authentic villages, all will add a real taste of a ‘hidden gem’.

Best time to visit Pu Luong

Pu Luong is now becoming an alluring destination for a few day trips from Hanoi. To have a perfect trip, take note the best time to visit Pu Luong is during rice harvest season, from September to November or from February to May. During this time, you can enjoy the lush plantation and comfortable weather in the land. Pu Luong is covered with green carpet and fresh vibe that can cheer up all visitors.

What make Pu Luong captivating

Pu Luong Vietnam is one of the most intact destinations in the North of Vietnam for everybody to run away from the boisterous of big cities. What are Pu Luong's charms?

  • Thanks to its well-preserved, abundant and diverse flora and fauna landscape, Pu Luong becomes a heavenly land for nature lovers. The site covers approximately 17,600 ha, the largest area of ​​forest on northern karst. Coming to Pu Luong, the nature lovers and holidaymakers can see nature of the forested hills, the limestone karst, the intact rivers and waterfalls, and the imposing mountain ranges. It owns extensive ranges of tropical evergreen forest, making it peaceful home to many flora and fauna species, which appear in the Red Book of Vietnam and the World.
  • This captivating site is also living place of ethnic minorities of Thai and Muong. Here people still retain their traditional culture and way of life. Delve deep into the beautiful customs: enjoy staying at stilt house, savour local cuisine, all will add taste to this off the beaten track destination.

What to expect from our Pu Luong tours

Whether you are a nature lover, an adventurer, or one who want to uncover the authentic culture of Vietnam’s ethnic groups, Pu Luong never fails to satiate your sense of traveling. Discover the beauty of natural landscape, ecological forests with plentiful fauna and flora, learn the simple but interesting customs and habits of the Thai and Muong, embark on a wonderful trekking, or take part in some activities like cycling, rafting, or kayaking.

Trekking: The vast valley offers a lot of scenic trekking routes for you to conquer. Just thrilling in the nature when walking through colourful rice terrace, stunning hills and valleys, poetic hamlet with smiling locals. Depend on your interest and condition, you can choose from several trekking routes the most suitable: a thrill-seeker can take a gentle walk to nearby villages, the challenging one to the summit of Pu Luong or the hard trekker can embrace multiple-day trek through several villages and the less-visited paths.

Rafting: What can be more tempting than travel as a local fisherman, cruise down a tranquil river on a traditional bamboo raft. This peaceful way of drifting down the Cham River is very unique and far from boring as beautiful scenery is surrounding you. Join in with your own paddles and experience the daily journey of the local fisherman.

Cycling: Cycling through rice terrace fields, narrow dusty paths and mountain passes is beyond the wishes of cyclists. Steep valleys and off-road paths provide exciting routes for bikers, which offer wonderful perspective of towering mountains and green plantations. For leisure cycling tour, biking through local villages, meet friendly locals along the way and explore their daily life.

Besides these activities, visitors can go kayaking or just enjoy the refreshing atmosphere at your stay. Pu Luong’s landscape is enough to cheer you up.


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